Dr. B. R. Andhare

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Dr Bhalchandra Ramchandra Andhare along with his family members.     Sitting Samvid Chaitanya Andhare
Sitting on chair Mukund B. Andhare, Dr. Bhalchandra R. Andhare, Chaitanya B. Andhare
Standing Chinmay Mukund Andhare, Dr. Deepti M. Andhare, Mrs Mira B. Andhare, Dr. Anjali C. Andhare, Sanil C. Andhare

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Numbers of Book published by
Dr B. R. Andhare on the Nagpur History

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Honour to Dr Bhalchandra Ramchandra Andhare by various awards

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"Itihas Sanshodhan Kendra", Nagpur is a Library & Resource centre of history for future generation research.

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Mudhoji I Bhonsle

Mudhoji I was instrumental in keeping Nagpur safe & secured from the clutches of the British for 16 long years throughout his promising regime.

His secured territories included Nagpur state ,the parts of Orrisa, & disputed province of Gadamandala.

He maintained friendly relations earlier with the Nizams and then the Peshwas throughout his regime.He was a true diplomat who never double crossed the Britishers.Mudhoji courted the favor of the British East India Company.

During his tenure he constructed the fort of Umred. The installation of the Ganesh Idol at the SukravarTalao,VithalRukminimandir at Mahal, Shiv temple at Indoli,( today's Indora) Sakardarabaag & Indolibaag was undertaken by Mudhogi I.

He never distinguished between any religion and hence actively participated in Hindu & Muslim functions namely Ramnavmi, Ganpati festival, Vasant Panchami, Ramtek & Koradi Fair, Id, Muharram etc.

He was blessed by Hindu Saints & Muslim Peers.He regularly visited Sufi Saint Sheikh Farid baba's "Chilla" at Girad near Hinganghat. Gond raja Buranshah found a was a loyal & trusted friend in Mudhoji I.

His humbleness and unassuming personality own the hearts of his subjects who loved and respected him.