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Dr Bhalchandra Ramchandra Andhare along with his family members.     Sitting Samvid Chaitanya Andhare
Sitting on chair Mukund B. Andhare, Dr. Bhalchandra R. Andhare, Chaitanya B. Andhare
Standing Chinmay Mukund Andhare, Dr. Deepti M. Andhare, Mrs Mira B. Andhare, Dr. Anjali C. Andhare, Sanil C. Andhare

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Dr B. R. Andhare on the Nagpur History

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Honour to Dr Bhalchandra Ramchandra Andhare by various awards

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"Itihas Sanshodhan Kendra", Nagpur is a Library & Resource centre of history for future generation research.

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Nagpur Nagari Trishatabadi Itihas Granth ( 1702-2002)

This book is a compilation of thirty five articles on Nagpur written by renowned authors & historians of the Orange City.

The longest article covering almost the entire Bhosale regime from Senadhurandhar Mudhoji Bhosale, a special feature is penned by me on the Bhosale dynasty from 1772 – 2002.

"Meera Andhare Cultural Museum" , a museum of rare artifacts & antiques holds a place of pride in this book.

The articles in the book inform the readers about the political, economic, social and cultural lives of the rulers & the masses during the Gond & Bhosale dynasty and the shift in power to the Britishers.

Some of the articles throw light on the participation of Nagpur in the Freedom movement, trade & industry , art & culture ,establishment of educational institutes & libraries , Contribution of the literary figures of Nagpur, places of worships in and around Nagpur - the temples , mosques & churches, Deeksha boomi and other prominent places , palaces & buildings of Nagpur, the birth of RSS.

These have been penned by a galaxy of stars "authors , historians & scholars " well known figures of Nagpur, Late Dr B. L Bhole, Dr S. M. Aychait , Ms Malti Ruikar, Bhau Lokhande, Suresh Bhusari, Kamalkar Dharap, Late Datta Kavishwar to name a few.