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Dr Bhalchandra Ramchandra Andhare along with his family members.     Sitting Samvid Chaitanya Andhare
Sitting on chair Mukund B. Andhare, Dr. Bhalchandra R. Andhare, Chaitanya B. Andhare
Standing Chinmay Mukund Andhare, Dr. Deepti M. Andhare, Mrs Mira B. Andhare, Dr. Anjali C. Andhare, Sanil C. Andhare

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Dr B. R. Andhare on the Nagpur History

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"Itihas Sanshodhan Kendra", Nagpur is a Library & Resource centre of history for future generation research.

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Sanshodhan Shimple Part I

This book was published in 1999 and is a collection of 11 research articles which were published in some of the Research journels, in Annual -Vidarbha Sanshodhan mandal ,Annual – Nagpur Univ Journel , Sanshodhak Dhule ,Ithihas & Sanskruti dadar Mumbai etc.

The background history of Bundelkhand , the historic Meeting between Chatrapati Shivaji & King Chatrsal Ruler of Bundelkhad , wherein Shivaji Maharaj advised & inspired him to establish an independent Kingdom in Central India, is been beautifully described.

Further Govindpant Kher alias " Bundele" & his achievements including the foundation of Sagar City, & the migration of many Maratha families ( Chandurkar, Kher, Sapre,Lagahate etc ) has been elaborated. The Kher Brothers BalajiGovind & gangadhar Govind through their valor, diplomacy & guerilla warfare succeeded in with holding the British army for six months & thus expanded the longitivity of the Maratha kingdom

Mohamud Khan Bungash ,Sudedhar of Allahabad, attached Chatrasal and made him a captive. In prison Chatrasal senda message to Bajirao Peshwe I in the form of 100 sholaks .Bajirao defeated Mohamud Khan Bungash & thus helped Chatrasal.In retaliation Chatrasal promised him one third of his territory and embraced him as his own son. However the promise was not kept and a series of negotiations & battles followed & ultamitely 1747 during the regime of Nanasaheb Peshwe the promised territory was bestowed yielding revenues amounting to Rs 31,23,816.

Ancestor of Rani Laxmibai, Raghunath hari Newalkar, a ruler with a scientific vision & his achievements have been depicted.

Grandson of Bajirao mastani , Ali Bahadar established his regime at Banda & North Bundelkhand & succeeded in inculcating Maratha culture amongst his subjects. He died on 28th August 1802 at Kalinjar.

The book also hold research articles on Mahadavji Shinde & Bundelkhad , Gadhamandala, Bhosale & Peshwes.