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"Itihas Sanshodhan Kendra", Nagpur is a Library & Resource centre of history for future generation research.

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The Gond Rajas of Deogad ( 1580-2002)

This book gives an interesting information about the Gondrulers , the activities conducted by them, The art & architectural contribution in setting up Nagpur ,social & cultural - local traditions during the period under survey. It also highlights the feeling of brotherhood & Unity experienced between the Hindus & the Muslim residing then.

The founder Of the Gonddynasty of Devgad(in Chinnwaradist ) was Jatba .Nagpur was the Pargana( Tehsil) of his kingdom. He constructed the fort " GondKilla" at Nagpur.

The greatest ruler of the Gond dynasty was BhaktBuland ( 1686-1709). A great warrior he went on to conquer Pauni, Dongartal, Sivni&Katangi- History idolizes him as the founder of the new Nagpur .In 1702 Many towns and villages were founded. All the smaller villages were merged together( RajapurBarsa. After giving a proper shape to his kingdom , he encouraged people to settle and thus facilitated trade & Commerce.His ruleepitomizes an era of great reforms . Agriculture, trade&Commerece made considerable advances.He constructed a Moss in the Fort of Nagpur which initiated the Issamicreligion & culture in Nagpur.

Thus in a way he laid the stone for the functioning & administration for the Bhosala Rulers.

Bhakt Buland wassucceded by Chand Sultan ( 1709-1735). He architectured further reforms . He constructed the famous JummaTalao that had in built steps & also provided water supply to the city. Thus making life easy for the people residing in his kingdom. They were also given protection in the form of a wall built around the entire city , stretching almost 3 miles and having five soildgates . One of these walls is the Jumma Gate which stands in all its endevour reopening the doors of history even today as the famous Gandhi Gate.

The glory of Devgaddeparted on the death of Chand Sultan.

RaghujiBhosaleI conqueredDevgad. The Gond ruler Buranshah( 1739-1796) was brought to Nagpur by Raghuji I. He was meted out good treatment at the hands of Bhosals who maintained cordial relations with him . He received a pension of Rs 4000/- per annum from them.

Throughout their reign the Bhosalas never forget that the kingdom they ruled , originally belonged to the Gonds of Devgad. This can very aptly be put in Marathi as " DevgadKhasle& Nagpur Vasale".